A virtual conference recognising, exploring, and celebrating the connections between mind, body, and planet.

Join a global community of experts, adventurers, advocates and leaders, from across the disciplines of medicine, psychiatry, psychology, exercise physiology, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, neuroscience, mindfulness and movement. 

Friday 18 June 2021

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 Hosted by Active Devon

Speakers & Contributors

Learn the latest evidence for the benefits of physical activity for good mental health, explore mindfulness for human performance, and hear real-life stories of how moving in green, blue, and built environments cultivates improved wellbeing and connection.

Dr Simon Rosenbaum

Exercise Physiologist, Associate Professor and Scientia Fellow at the University of New South Wales, and Director at ESSA and ASTSS

Dr Brendon Stubbs

Highly Cited Researcher and Head of Physiotherapy at South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

Ann Gates

Pharmacist, Philanthropist and Founder of Exercise Works!

Gelong Thubten

 Buddhist Monk, Meditation Teacher, Author, and Speaker

Brad Sanderson
Brad Sanderson

Physiologist, Researcher, and Director of Research & Evaluation at Smiling Mind

Dr Ben Martynoga
Dr Ben Martynoga

Neuroscientist, Science Writer, and Author of The Virus

Caroline Williams
Caroline Williams

 Science journalist and author of Move! The New Science of Body Over Mind

Katie Bond
Kate Bone

Lead Coach at Stormbreak

Katie Maggs
Katie Maggs

 Lecturer, Swimmer, Photographer, and Founder of Tonic of the Sea

Dr Charlotte Marriott

Consultant Psychiatrist and Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Jo Moseley
Jo Moseley

Joy Encourager, Mid-Life Adventurer, and Beach Cleaner

Dr Bernadette Dancy
Dr Bernadette Dancy

Health Coach, Lifestyle Changes for Stress Management Specialist, and Co-Founder of RunWell

Darryl Edwards
Darryl Edwards

Movement Coach, Researcher, Author, and Founder of the Primal Play Method

William Pullen

 Psychotherapist and Founder of Dynamic Running Therapy

DR Amit Amora
Dr Amit Arora

Physician, Geriatrician, Researcher, Regional Clinical Director, and Aging Specialist at the National Institute for Health Research

Kathryn Meadows
Kathryn Meadows

Pilates Teacher, Post-Natal Specialist, and Founder of the Mother of All Movement Podcast

Dr Amit Mistry
Dr Amit Mistry

Consultant Psychiatrist and Chair of the Sport and Exercise Psychiatry Special Interest Group at the Royal College of Psychiatrists

Dr Helen- Garr
Dr Helen Garr

 The Wellbeing GP, Deputy Director of NHS Practitioner Health, and Physical Activity Clinical Champion at Public Health England

Alex Staniforth
Alex Staniforth

Adventurer, Ultra Runner, Speaker, Author, and Founding Director of Mind Over Mountains

John Allinson
John Allison

Founder of StreetGym® and Motion to Mind™

Dr Anna Huette
Dr Anna Huette

 GP, Lifestyle Medicine Specialist, Health Coach, and Yoga Teacher

DR Joe Firth
Dr Joseph Firth

Widely Published Academic and Expert on the Role of Digital Technologies on Physical Activity and Mental Health

Joanna Hall
Joanna Hall

Fitness, Wellness & Walking Expert and Creator & Founder WalkActive


Blanche Ellis

Visual Artist, Illustrator and Graphic Facilitator


Movement & the Mind is a story of lived experience, and the shared knowledge that movement in nature connects the mind, body, and planet in unparalleled ways. We know this story is shared by so many, and so we aim to bring these conversations into the mainstream.

Meet our founder: Dr Lucy Loveday

Dr Lucy Loveday (MRCGP, PG Cert Clinical Education) is a GP and medical educationalist. Previously an Associate Research Fellow at the University of Exeter, Lucy is a GP Training Programme Director, an NHS Clinical Entrepreneur, a UK Acumen Fellow, and Regional Director of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

Lucy specialises in movement, mindfulness, and nature-based physical activity for enhanced health and wellbeing. Widely published on the subjects of nature connection, strength and balance exercise in older age, resilience, and mental health, Lucy also delivers wellbeing workshops and public speaking nationally.

Focused on addressing health inequalities and equity of access to green space, Lucy is on a mission to bring movement, nature and mindfulness to the forefront of conversations within mainstream healthcare. Founding Movement & the Mind has been a major part of this.

It begins with this man. My dad.

When I was 11 years old, my dad was hospitalised by a severe mental health crisis. He was rendered almost unresponsive by depression, but over the years I observed him transform his health through running. It offered him solace and a sense of freedom, and he’s since run several marathons.

Driven by a curiosity to understand how movement benefits the mind, as well as the science behind positive psychology and mindfulness for human performance, I embarked on a journey of discovery. Through countless inspiring conversations along the way, I’ve learned that Dad is far from alone.

Movement & the Mind is the culmination of this dynamic and evolving journey. It means so much to be part of creating this collaboratively, and to bring people together to engage in this urgent and important conversation. Together, Movement & the Mind is bridging the gap between evidence and meaningful action.


Movement & the Mind is a pioneering educational platform and global community bringing people together to learn, share, move, and connect. Join us, and be part of the conversation.

Our Ambassadors

Hannah Beecham

Founder and CEO of Red Together® and Red January®

Matt Waugh

Mental Health Nurse, NHS Clinical Entrepreneur, and Founder of Live More 

Katie Maggs
Katie Maggs

Lecturer, Swimmer, Photographer, and Founder of Tonic of the Sea

Sam Dale

Creator of Sporting Heads

Dr James Mottram

GP and Founding Director of South Hams Area Wellbeing

Dr Charlotte Marriott

Consultant Psychiatrist and Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Marcellus Baz BEM

Founder & CEO of Switch Up CIC and Nottingham School of Boxing

Our Host

Active Devon

Active Devon is a community-focused, non-profit organisation dedicated to inspiring and supporting Devon to be active. We believe movement is central to living healthier, happier, and more connected lives, regardless of age, ability, or background.

Having previously collaborated with Dr Lucy Loveday to support the emerging social prescribing agenda in Devon, we are delighted to be partnering again, this time to host the 2021 Movement & the Mind virtual conference.

Resources generated by this event will support local initiatives using physical activity, sport, and movement to positively impact the mental health and wellbeing of people living in Devon. We thank you for your support and look forward to welcoming you to Movement & the Mind 2021.


Join us from around the world for an interactive event like no other. Together, we will inspire each other to learn, share, move, and connect.

The 2019 Movement & the Mind conference was very special. Speakers struck an amazing balance between academic insight and real-world experience. I highly recommend to everyone in this field.

Brad Sanderson, Research & Evaluation Director at Smiling Mind

The vision of Movement & the Mind will go a long way towards breaking down the silos of physical and mental healthcare and fostering international connection, collaboration and inspiration. Lucy’s vision and energy will help ensure we can translate science and human knowledge into meaningful outcomes for people all over the world.

Dr Simon Rosenbaum, Exercise Physiology Professor at the University of New South Wales

A very enjoyable, inspiring and motivating day. The sharing of personal stories was really moving and certainly made me think about circumstances in my own life and ways to change the ways I move.

General Practitioner Dr Shah

Thank you for putting on such a great event. Really pulled at both our hearts and heads. Speaking to others, people were leaving feeling refreshed and reinvigorated. The mix of speakers was exceptional.

Mark Edwards, Mental Health Nursing Practice Lecturer at the University Central Lancashire

The challenges we face to improve health are huge. But, when you are surrounded by people who share your vision, you remind yourself to mindfully take one step at a time and together there is no mountain we cannot climb

General Practitioner Dr Shah

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