To connect MIND, BODY & PLANET through conversation, community, and collaborative creative educational programmes. Central to Movement & The Minds founding ethos is the value of our relationship with nature for health & wellbeing. We place this at the heart of all we manifest with a long-term intention to cultivate impactful, sustainable systems change at scale.

Founder: Dr Lucy Loveday

” An experienced and dedicated educationalist and leader, Lucy is a dynamic and grounded possibility thinker, who believes wholeheartedly in the power of nature and the mind-body-planet connection to not only heal but restore a sense of balance. Lucy is relentless in her journey to contribute to a future that places nature at the heart”
GP, Associate Dean Faculty Development, Innovation & Performance HEE S/West, NHS Clinical Entrepeneur, Health Inequalities Fellow,  Swim England Outdoor Swim Ambassador, Advisory Board member for the cross-government ‘Preventing and Tackling Mental Ill Health through Green Social Prescribing Project’.

Main Projects 2018

Movement & The Mind; Global Educational Platform & Festival:

Green Prescription for Young Peoples Mental Health; Resilient Young Minds –

Mental Health Nurse, NHS Clinical Entrepreneur, and Founder of Live More…

Green Social Prescribing in Fingle Woods

Resilient Young Minds is a Green Social Prescribing pilot run in Fingle Woods, Devon. It was funded by the ‘Bringing Fingle Woods Back to Life’ project, a partnership between the Woodland Trust

Resilient Young Minds – abridged version

Resilient Young Minds is a Green Social Prescribing pilot run in Fingle Woods, Devon. It was funded by the ‘Bringing Fingle Woods Back to Life’ project, a partnership between the Woodland Trust…

Leading on Nature Immersions with Professor David Peters & Alan Heeks 

Dr Lucy Loveday on the projects that are aiming to support burnt-out GPs through the natural environment . 9.30am I set off in my electric car, enjoying the..

An immersion in nature

Location Dartmoor, Devon. Roles GP; associate dean: faculty development, innovation & performance, South West at Health Education England; health inequalities fellow at Devon Training Hub; NHS clinical entrepreneur and cross-Government advisory board member

Wellbeing workshops & consultancy

The Lost Gardens of Heligan

The Lost Gardens have teamed up with local GP Dr Lucy Loveday who strongly advocates the role of Nature within healthcare, after all Nature offers the best medicine cabinet anybody can wish for!

Dr Lucy Loveday: The wild swimming GP championing mental wellbeing in the outdoors – The Outdoors Fix – The Outdoors Fix homepage – The Outdoors Fix podcast

The Outdoors Fix is a podcast to inspire people wanting to make adventures outdoors a bigger part of their life. It’s hosted by Liv Bolton. I interview hikers, wild swimmers, rock climbers and wild…

Published/featured in

The Sunday Telepgraph

My natural prescription for happiness

Dr Lucy Loveday tells Jessica Salter how lockdowns have emphasised the importance of the great outdoors for mental health

The Independent

7 ways to have a spring wellbeing experience in your garden

4. Peruse pollinators “Spring is a great time to make your garden a haven for pollinators. Get creative with caterpillar food plants and nectar-rich flowers.

The Times

Why gardening is good for your physical and mental health

Disappearing into the potting shed has long been a coping mechanism for those wishing to lower their stress levels. Now a new study published in the journal Cit

The Telegraph

How to turn your home into a haven of health – The Telegraph

Designing well. The solution, as wellness architects advocate, comes through clever design. For those building from scratch, a home’s wellbeing can be literally built into the fabric of the project.

Quality Compliance Systems 

My natural prescription for happiness

Men’s Mental Health – Men’s Health Week. It is Men’s Health Week during 14-20 June in 2021. The focus for 2021 is Mental Health in a Covid World…


Movement & the Mind is a story of lived experience, and the shared knowledge that movement in nature connects the mind, body, and planet in unparalleled ways. We know this story is shared by so many, and so we aim to bring these conversations into the mainstream.

Meet our founder: Dr Lucy Loveday

Dr Lucy Loveday (MRCGP, PG Cert Clinical Education) is a GP and medical educationalist. Previously an Associate Research Fellow at the University of Exeter, Lucy is a GP Training Programme Director, an NHS Clinical Entrepreneur, a UK Acumen Fellow, and Regional Director of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

Lucy specialises in movement, mindfulness, and nature-based physical activity for enhanced health and wellbeing. Widely published on the subjects of nature connection, strength and balance exercise in older age, resilience, and mental health, Lucy also delivers wellbeing workshops and public speaking nationally.

Focused on addressing health inequalities and equity of access to green space, Lucy is on a mission to bring movement, nature and mindfulness to the forefront of conversations within mainstream healthcare. Founding Movement & the Mind has been a major part of this.

It begins with this man. My dad.

When I was 11 years old, my dad was hospitalised by a severe mental health crisis. He was rendered almost unresponsive by depression, but over the years I observed him transform his health through running. It offered him solace and a sense of freedom, and he’s since run several marathons.

Driven by a curiosity to understand how movement benefits the mind, as well as the science behind positive psychology and mindfulness for human performance, I embarked on a journey of discovery. Through countless inspiring conversations along the way, I’ve learned that Dad is far from alone.

Movement & the Mind is the culmination of this dynamic and evolving journey. It means so much to be part of creating this collaboratively, and to bring people together to engage in this urgent and important conversation. Together, Movement & the Mind is bridging the gap between evidence and meaningful action.


Movement & the Mind is a pioneering educational platform and global community bringing people together to learn, share, move, and connect. Join us, and be part of the conversation.

Our Ambassadors

Hannah Beecham

Founder and CEO of Red Together® and Red January®

Matt Waugh

Mental Health Nurse, NHS Clinical Entrepreneur, and Founder of Live More 

Katie Maggs
Katie Maggs

Lecturer, Swimmer, Photographer, and Founder of Tonic of the Sea

Sam Dale

Creator of Sporting Heads

Dr James Mottram

GP and Founding Director of South Hams Area Wellbeing

Dr Charlotte Marriott

Consultant Psychiatrist and Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Marcellus Baz BEM

Founder & CEO of Switch Up CIC and Nottingham School of Boxing